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Our Direction

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A new direction in aged care “Your Life. Your Way.”

We listen to you – We work with you – We support you


For our customers this means:

  • Listening to you, your family or advocate to understand about how you want to live your life
  • Working with you to determine how this can happen
  • Providing support to enable you to achieve this

For our team this means:

  • Listening to you about your work and career goals
  • Working with you to determine how this can happen
  • Providing support so you can achieve this.

For our greater community (including our stakeholders) this means:

  • Listening to your requirements
  • Negotiating on how these can be achieved
  • Providing our agreed outcome


We do this by providing creative solutions for complex needs to deliver a positive difference in people’s lives.


  • Creating a community that supports our customers and team to live their best possible life.
  • Having a flexible approach to care and service delivery
  • Providing services to people who have been dismissed by others as “challenging”, for various reasons
    • behaviour related due to a diagnosis of dementia, acquired brain injury or disability
    • financially and/or socially disadvantaged and homeless or at risk of becoming homeless
    • a person who doesn’t fit within the expected aged care system
    • people who have fallen through the cracks in our health and aged care systems
  • Providing services between your home and ours across a broad spectrum of service delivery models in an effort to provide targeted solutions
    • residential care
    • home care
    • emergency, short stay and longer term respite
    • transitional  care services and rehabilitation
    • privately funded services
    • internally based day care services
    • Protecting our customers and team by re-directing anyone who we believe poses a serious risk to themselves or others
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