Conventional Mainstreamer

Australian_Archetype_GridConventional Mainstreamers have probably enjoyed living in a small community or in the suburbs of a major city for the best part of their life. This cohort occasionally tries new experiences, but prefer their conventional community. They largely just want what they’ve always had, a good honest life in a nice, stable community. The traditional family life has probably had the largest impact on this cohort, even though they might not have had their own family. The societal or political views held by connected conventionalists might seem outdated to some of their younger peers, but this cohort have experienced the benefits of a stable society and economy. They have personally made mostly wise financial moves, with a little bit of luxury for special occasions, but the right decision to save money, rather than spend it, was modelled in the family home and this has seen them well looked after for the most part of their life.

The family holiday was to the same destination every year, and the pictures on the living room wall prove it. The holiday was a quick break away from the family business, while others worked in management creating a nice, predictable and productive environment for others to work in. They might live in suburbs that are not that well known, but are safe and convenient. They value what they have in life, and they are open to more.

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