Customer Stories

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I lost my way in life after a number of serious setbacks and ended up living on the streets and in boarding houses. Mentally, physically and emotionally my health deteriorated rapidly and I was not able to access the care I needed for a number of different reasons.

After a serious accident I ended up in hospital and from there I was welcome by the Synovum Care team. I was not your typical ‘aged care’ client because I was young but they were willing to work with me to ensure I not only fitted into the centre but also to also continually improve my health and get my life back in order.

Arriving at the centre I was wheelchair bound, since being there physiotherapy and the attitude of the staff to not give up on me means I can now walk again. They have supported me in re-establishing ownership of my assets so my future is financially viable and I have started reading and playing solitaire on the computer which is two things I always loved to do. “The team here have helped me to never give up.”

Gregory Martin

My personal goal when coming to stay at Wynyard Care Centre was to have physiotherapy daily and regain my strength and independence and return home to my normal life – so far I think I am making good progress.

I came into the Wynyard Care Centre on a transitional package; a transitional package ensures that post-surgery I can return home and remain independent.

On arrival I was given a tour of the centre and made to feel very welcome, they offered me a shared room with another gentleman where I have been comfortable.

During my stay it has been wonderful and I always make my own choices as to what is it I want to do. For example there is a range of daily activities some of which I attend and participate in and some of which I don’t.

On the 8th December it was my 90th birthday; I was asked to invite 2 of my family members in to celebrate and the kitchen team cooked what I wanted for my ‘Birthday Meal’; what wonderful kind staff I thought.

I have had a lot of time to think whist being in here and I have decided if and when the time comes that I can no longer live at home and I need fulltime support, then this is the place I will be moving to.

The team are just marvellous and caring and I tell everybody this!

George Clarke, Wynyard Care Centre 

My story and journey begun in October last year; I remember sitting flopped in my arm chair at home thinking I have had enough of everything and what is going to happen to me. I remember a visit from Julie [the Home Care Manager] who sat and talked with me and discussing my options; she asked if I would like to come into the Wynyard Care Centre for respite [just a short stay] which I accepted.

This was the best possible outcome for me I felt like my old self again and from that day on I have not looked back.

My smile came back and I found the company of the other residents amazing.

During my stay my son John and his wife visited me and we sat and discussed the possibility of moving into the new extension [the small scale living house with only 7 household members], we were all taken for a tour and it was decided I would be moving in when they were built, I also had the opportunity to choose my own room.

Finally the day arrived and I was moving to my new room in the new house, I thought “WOW” it’s really happening I was so excited and so over whelmed.

Having my own room in the house and living as normal life as possible [being able to make decisions around the kitchen table] is the best thing that could have happened to me, I am still able to maintain my independence come and go where possible. I have my special glass and bottle of whiskey so that each night before retiring to bed I am able to pour myself a whiskey and water!

This has been a marvellous journey and is the next best thing to being in my own home.

Patricia Bell, Small Scale Living at Wynyard Care Centre