Australian_Archetype_GridTraditionalists know that life is enjoyed the most when it is enjoyed as it has always been. Keeping things simple financially, socially and politically is important to the largest cohort, probably for the same reason that it is what is best for everyone. Others see this cohort as refusing to adopt modern values and progressive ideas but the large cohort are confident in their way of life and know that it has worked well for them for a long time. The family dinner table conversations, and sometimes what was not spoken about, as well as social or religious groups like the church have largely shaped the traditional thinking upheld by this cohort. The size and influence of this cohort however might not last forever.

Traditionalists have worked in respectable careers as builders, accountants and have own the safe, reliable car. The car describes them and how they habitually go from A to B to C and then come back home again to their comfortable home. They proudly display University Graduation photos on their wall for all to see, right next to the latest photo of all the grandchildren. Life, after all, is all about leaving behind a legacy for those you love.

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