An Australian aged care pilot could help alleviate our youth unemployment crisis

An Australian aged care pilot could help alleviate our youth unemployment crisis

Talking Aged Care today highlighted a great initiative that aims to connect and address two important issues in Australia – our aging population and the high rate of unemployed youth. The Prince’s Trust, Adelaide’s Service to Youth Council and a local aged care provider joined forces in a 6 month program where participants received training in care, administration and maintenance roles that provided sector specific skills and work placement opportunities to help them gain employment. Many reported that they found the work rewarding and were interested in working in aged care as a result of the experience.  Click here for the full article.

Synovum Care recognises the societal and industry benefits of attracting younger people into aged care. Our care community in Wynyard recently participated in The Smith Family’s ‘Work Inspirations’ program. The program is a business led initiative that provides young people with opportunities to experience the world of work first hand in a meaningful and inspiring way.

Synovum Care Wynyard’s employees met with the school students across a three week period to talk about education, employment and also share inspiring stories of their personal experiences and achievements. The students and residents engaged in intergenerational activities, one of which was showcasing their fidget spinner skills. Many conversations and laughs were shared by the residents and students.

In order to sustain and nurture the connection with young people in the region, Synovum Care Wynyard has offered a local student a work placement opportunity.

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