Customer Views

My mother's journey during her respite period has been nothing short of a miracle. Not only has there been a complete reduction in her anxiety and minimalised periods of depression, but she is enjoying life and increasing her cognitive ability. Thank you to a team of people who have ALL made such a massive difference to my mothers life and to mine.


Della [my mother in law] is a wonderful woman with a heart of gold and it was a very emotional decision for her family to place her in the home [Wynyard Care Centre] but after some time we are all comforted to know and see she is in the best and safest place.

Anna, Wynyard

I feel comfortable and relaxed here, the staff are just wonderful, they always stop and listen and are so caring. In my room I have lots of personal belongings, photos and ornaments as this reminds me of home. I would recommend anyone that has to go into care to come into this centre it is such a wonderful place. I would describe it as my home away from home.

Della, Strahan

To all the wonderful Synovum Care staff, thank you for all the care and support you have given us, especially mum on her first experience in aged care.

George, Touhill Family

My sincere thanks for all your help and kindness, I still can’t make porridge like your cook does! Cheers and a super 2015.

Claire, Devonport

During the past two years, in which my wife Beverley was living at Wynyard Care Centre and seeing the manner in which the other residents are treated I have had a change of perspective. I no longer fear the day I have to go into Care

Mr Cyril Dixon, Former Mayor of Waratah Wynyard Council

My cousin June has been a resident with Synovum Care for 20 years next month. The matron, staff even the cleaners treat her so well, everyone is lovely. My special thanks to them all.

Jean Williams, Peakhurst

To all you very lovely staff, we came last week with a cake to celebrate Jack's birthday. Thank you so very, very much for spoiling us too - you sat us in your lovely garden then brought us a bottle of great drink, a plate for the cake and a knife and plates for each one of us and serviettes. We loved it all so very much and tell many others about how caring you are. You did a great job.

Margaret, St. George Area

Nice as it is to be home, we miss everyone (and all the personal service) in Wynyard Care Centre. Thank you for the wonderful send-off you gave us. Our experiences in Tasmania were UNFORGETTABLE! Our NEW FRIENDS are the GREATEST treasure of all. Love and hugs.

Donita and Phyllis, California USA

We are so thankful we found Synovum Care, they have been so empathetic and helpful. Lin, the carer from Synovum Care, has been a revelation and not only helped in a physical sense but has lifted the spirits of our entire family.

Manuel, Maroubra