Private Home Care

Supporting you to live ‘as normal a life as possible’ in your own home

Home Care also referred to as Community Care, Package Care, Funded Care or Private Care.

We currently provide private care to people in our local communities who require assistance and support to stay in their own homes longer.

Synovum Care Group currently provides private home care. Private home care is designed for people who are ‘not eligible’, are currently waiting for an available Home Care Package or are looking to extend the care they currently receive in addition to their package.

We coordinate private home care in consultation with you; this service is based on your individual choices, preferences and needs and has no limit of the types of services*.

Our team members are qualified and experienced in the delivery of home care and do their work with a genuine passion for your health and well-being.

Private home care may be an affordable option, with packages that are designed to suit your budget.

We currently provide private home care across the North West Coast Tasmania.