Funded Home Care

Supporting you to live ‘as normal a life as possible’ in your own home

Home Care also referred to as Community Care, Package Care, Funded Care or Private Care.

We currently provide funded care to people in our local communities who require assistance and support to stay in their own homes longer.

Synovum Care is a CACP (Community Aged Care Packages) government approved provider.

Our Home Care team are currently delivering care to eligible people in our local community, through building strong relationships.

Home Care is flexible and is designed to support individual goals and care needs. The types of services that may be provided include:

  • personal care
  • social support
  • transport to appointments
  • home help
  • meal preparation
  • gardening

To be an eligible client you must be assessed and approved by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) as requiring home care.

The Australian Government provides Synovum Care with a daily subsidy to coordinate and supply care and services within your home.

In addition to this subsidy we charge a government approved additional fee for service; this fee equates to no more than 17.5% of the basic rate of single pension for persons who receive a pension.

For people receiving higher incomes we require an additional fee however this is limited to 50% of any income above the basic rate of single pension. NOTE: for this purpose income is calculated after tax and the Medicare Levy.

All packages are delivered in line with Australia Governments specified Community Care Standards ensuring you receive care of the highest quality.

Please download pricing information here.