Small Scale Living

Emulating your normal home life

Synovum Care Group is planning to implement the small scale living model across all of our care communities.  Synovum Care in Wynyard, Tasmania was our first ‘small scale living’ model developed in two houses with great success. There are two components which contribute to the success of small scale living:

  1. Environment – the innovative design provides the right environment for people of all care needs, including a diagnosis of severe dementia, to continue to live life to the fullest potential. When in the design and development stage every aspect of ‘normal daily living’ is taken into consideration and accommodated; including but not limited to the size of house a person is familiar with, how the household functions, access to things like fridges and washing machines to ensure people can go about their day, if they choose.
  2. Relationships – the relationship based model of care and support is about analysing every aspect of care delivery compared to a person’s life and ensuring through consistent relationships we deliver ‘as normal a life as possible’.

At Synovum Care Wynyard, our two houses, Inglis and Cape, provide residential accommodation for up to seven people, each with their own room and ensuite.  The houses incorporate a fully functioning kitchen and laundry along with a lounge and dining area, a sitting area and outdoor garden space.

‘As normal a life as possible’ in small scale living means we provide the right environment and care model to support resident to live life their way, and for those who need higher levels of care and support upon moving in or progressively we are there for you