Our Team

Our vision to provide creative solutions for complex needs to deliver as ‘normal a life as possible’ is made possible by the teams of people who support our residents on a daily basis.

The recruitment processes, training plans and systems we have in place ensure the team have the relevant experience, skills and knowledge to perform their role with confidence; however it is the values of our team members that make our vision more than just words on a page!

A unique set of values ensures our people can stand up and advocate for our customers to ensure their life always remains as ‘normal a life as possible’.

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Synovum Care’s values are:


Having our own wants and needs that are unique to us.


Coming together as a group of people recognising the good of the individual as well as the collective.


Developing strong, meaningful connections.


Treating others as you would want to be treated.


Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, trying to understand their emotions and thoughts.
We listen to you about your work and career goals

Working as a kitchen hand at Synovum Care Wynyard I was keen for a career change.

I expressed my interest in applying for one of the new House Companion positions, working with and caring for the elderly in a small scale living environment.

My overall goal would be to gain a permanent role as a House Companion.

We work with you to determine how this can happen

The management provided the opportunity for me to apply for a House Companion position and encouraged me to do so.

After the application process I was employed as a back-up House Companion.

Whilst I was training for the new position Synovum Care covered my usual shifts as a kitchen hand.

We provide support to enable you to achieve this

I have received support for my career goals through internal and external training, encouragement, opportunities to interact with the other House Companions, time to express my ideas and concerns as well as solutions.

They [management] have been available throughout the training and have continued to be available for any questions.