As normal a life as possible

A new direction in Aged Care; providing creative solutions for complex needs, to deliver ‘as normal as life as possible’.

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Small Scale Living

Small scale living means we provide the right environment and care model to support residents to live as normal a life as possible.  Synovum Care Group is currently planning to implement small scale living (houses) across all of our care communities with Synovum Care Wynyard in Tasmania being the first.

Our Services

We understand that aged care is not a one size fits all approach; this is reflected in our strategy ‘as normal a life as possible’ as you begin your journey with us you will see first-hand that these are not just words on a page but that we work each and every day to live by our strategy and to delivery to people in our care ‘as normal a life as possible’, which means something different to each of us.


We are alway looking for people with the right attitude to join our team and provide support and care to our residents on a daily basis in line with our vision. If you are interested in working for our organisation, please submit an application.